SFR Automotive

Meet the SFR737-09

Project 'Nova Prospekt'. Which is Latin for new perspective, or future... And that is exactly what this building project is all about. This car will make or break the future for SF Racing. But of course, we all trust that it will be a great success! The car will proudly presented by all of our crew when the project is finished. At least, that's what we're aiming for..!

Original specifications

Model: Honda CRX ED9
Month of birth: Octobre 1992
Engine: 1.6i DOHC 16v (D16Z5, PM7)
Power: 130 hp
Electrical: Stock

New specifications

Model: SF737-09
Engine: *Unknown*
Power: *Unknown*
ECU: *Unknown*
Electrical: *Unknown*
Aerodynamic: *Unknown*


SF Racing Automotive always strives to employ the best possible drivers. But by any standards this is an electric proposition. However in this case it wasn't hard to find the appropriate man for the job. Builder of the SF737-09 (see car page) and owner of SF Racing Group, Felix van Daal. He has multiple years of experience in karting. He owns a 4-stroke prokart he uses under the label of SF Racing. After spending a period of 5 years he spended just doing karts, he decided to take the big step. The step towards autosport. He quickly found out that it was easier said than done. Team after team told him the same. If you haven't got 50.000 euros, we can't help you. That was the moment for Felix to take the case into his own the case into his own hands; SF Racing Automotive was born...


Since its foundation in 2007, the SF Racing team has become one of the most innovative race teams out there. Our garage at Uithoorn is the nerve-centre of the racing operation, housing the extensive design office, manufacturing plant, fabrication facilities and building stations that dovetail together to create the most iconic GT car in the sports history.