About SFR

After SF Racing Group was established on the 13th of June 2010, all our departments were registered by the Chamber of Commerce. This to cover all our products and services in the future.

SF Racing Automotive

Our automotive departement has as a primary goal to realise our biggest dream. Deliver a fully functional raceteam and racecar and compete in a professional championchip like the Dutch Supercar Challenge. See the automotive page for more information.

SFR Electronics

SFR Electronics has the big responsibility to keep the whole company running. This department designs, develops and produces electronic solutions of the highest standard. See the electronics/products page for more information.

SF Racing Maintenance

Maintenance is vital for any technical device, and especially for every vehicle of any type. Since we have a lot of knowledge about aviation and automotive in store, we provide high-end maintenance and repair services for any car, motorbike and utility vehicle. See the maintenance page for more information.